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3rd Party Lab Results: 
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Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO 


Just CBD vape cartridge containing 200 mg of Extra strength CBD organically flavored with terpens available in 4 savory and scrumptious flavors.

Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO comes in: Strawberry, Blueberry, and Honey B-Buzz'n Pen featured in photographs sold separately.

Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO
Vape cartridges

Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO is made with all organic ingredients and infused with natural blueberry flavors, Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO are perfect for patients looking to medicate without the psychoactive head high associated with THC. Helps alleviate pain, anxiety, and inflammation, along with providing relaxation and balance.

This pressure and temperature sensitive process ensure that only the cleanest and purest CBD is extracted. Our formula of CBD plus natural terpenes is designed to help calm your body. By calm, this means it helps relax both your body and mind. Coconut oil is added to our CBD vape oil formula to enhance the CBD vape oil’s performance.

One of the benefits of Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO is that there are no psychoactive effects, so you won’t feel “high” at all. When you need to relax or feel calm in a stressful situation, you can use your CBD vape discreetly with no unpleasant odor. Another benefit of Just CBD Vape cartridge 200 mg MANGO is that we can ship them anywhere in the U.S. legally. There is zero THC in our hemp derived CBD vape cartridges.

Storage Tips and Heat Warning:

Vape pen cartridges can leak when excessive heat is a factor. Exposure to excessive heat can lead to cartridge failure where leaking of the oil can occur.  It is ideal to store your CBD vape cartridge with the mouthpiece facing downward. This helps keep the oil away from the wick and helps prevent heat damage. This allows air to be between the oil and the wick, protecting the wick. As the oil heats, it does expand, so rather than the oil leaking out, the excess air will be pushed through the holes at the bottom of the pre-filled compartment instead. This prevents the oil from expanding too much and prevents leaking.


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