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What is "CBD" Cannabidoil

What Is CBD?

CBD” or “Cannabidiol“ is one of at least 60 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.

1.)  It is a major constituent of the plant, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract, as a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid.

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THC Free CBD - CBD withno THC

THC Free CBD Edibles


When we say "THC Free CBD", its important to know EXACTLY what we mean here. Most online stores or manufacturers will just tell you a product is THC Free, but not clearly indicate what that means.  And, if you're like most people looking for CBD with No THC, you have a pretty important reason to be looking.  So, let us explain to you what this THC Free CBD really means.

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Tired of Buying Minimums, Quantities ect

Hello Everyone,

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Hemp Cannabidoil CBD Wholesale

Wholesale - CBD Edible Candy - White labels

As a wholesale provider of Hemp oils based CBD Cannabidoil edible products we take pride in keeping the industry with fair pricing.& super cooperation.

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Cannabidoil Oil & CBD Edibles FACTS

CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the debate surrounding the use of marijuana as a medicine.

Most people have heard of a chemical called THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. But recently, attention has shifted to another marijuana compound called CBD. And for good reason.

1. CBD is a key ingredient in cannabis

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How to Buy CBD Oil


Now that we've been around for a few years and I know a lot more than I did back then, I can offer the following info to help you figure out how to buy cbd oil online.

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How to make CBD recipes

Make Your Own

Cannabinoids, like cannabidiol, are considered to be lipophilic, or fat soluble. They are also hydrophobic, as they will not readily dissolve into water.

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More about our CBD Online Store

Welcome to our CBD Store Online, Hollywood, Florida’ home to Full spectrum CBD oils, cbd tinctures, cbd topical, cbd pet products and cbd supplements containing the highest grade of Cannabidiol (CBD), which comes from the non-psychotropic cannabis plant known as Hemp.

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CBD Wholesale, is a Wholesaler of CBD.

CBD Wholesale

CBD Wholesale
CBD Wholesale
Ok so the title might be somewhat confusing for most. So let me explain what we meant by, CBD Wholesale is a Wholesaler of CBD.